Ana Castro

Ana Castro

Wildwasser Berlin


I am Ana Patricia Castro. I am 39 years old and I was born in Mexico City. I have been living in Berlin for almost 17 years. I studied psychology in Potsdam and did a specialization in systemic therapy for children and adolescents. I have been working with adolescents for 10 years and I am really lucky to have found my dream job. My goal is to empower youths and help them to understand that even if they have been victims of difficult situations in their lifes does not mean that they have to live as victims of circumstances forever. I have been working for 7 years in a shelter for girls and what I enjoy the most are the daily events full of energy and fun. Part of my work is being there for them in the hard times and in those moments I realize why I chose this profession!!! Working with teenagers is having to be prepared for unexpected events and constant changes and still find the best possible way to go through them.


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