Ako Karlis Cekulis

Ako Karlis Cekulis

Centrs MARTA


Join us at the upcoming conference to learn from Ako Kārlis Cekulis, a dedicated professional with a passion for empowering youth and preventing gender-based violence. With a background in Psychology and valuable experience as a Youth worker, Ako is excited to share insights and techniques for creating a safer environment for everyone. Don't miss this chance to be part of a positive change. Reserve your spot now for an enlightening workshop with Ako!


Szept. 30 / 30 Sep
– 15:00
Gender-based violence

The gender-based violence workshop aims to raise awareness and foster understanding about the prevalence, impact, and complexities of violence based on gender identity and expression. The workshop provides participants with a comprehensive overview of various forms of gender-based violence, including domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, and harmful cultural practices. Through interactive discussions, presentations, and case studies, participants gain insights into the root causes of gender-based violence, such as patriarchal norms, societal attitudes, and power imbalances.