Julio Perez & Anna Kurth

Julio Perez & Anna Kurth

Via Kreaktion



Szept. 30 / 30 Sep
– 12:30
"Music CLIC" - a Common Language for Intercultural Communication

The central idea of this workshop is to give a method to the youth workers through the basic skills of popular music to be used in different areas of civic participation. This method can be implemented as a tool for social inclusion, promoting European values developing young people´s creativity, encouraging reflections about diversity and about common origins. Using music as a tool in youth work further has the potential to cater to people´s needs for expressions (cultural, abilities, emotional and intellectual). Making music together will encourage a positive attitude in the participants and thus create the grounds for constructive conversations. Rhythm connects all participants.

The language of percussion with sign is a system of signs and gestures performed with the hands and body which allow a conductor to coordinate the rhythmic improvisation of a group. During the sessions can be used the palms of the hands or any type of instruments. The participants should look at the conductor at all times even during their performance or while talking to each other to decide rhythms or changes.
Experience the power of music – the rhythm of life!