Nerijus Kriauciunas

Nerijus Kriauciunas


Born in Lithuania, lived in Zurich (Switzerland), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Barcelona (Spain), Yogyakarta (Indonesia). Now I have come back to Vilnius (Lithuania).
Works as a freelancer delivering coaching and training in the youth work field at local and European levels. Mostly, but not exclusively works with the European mobility programmes.
He got inspired by the developments of Mozilla Open Badges and is already for a while involved in crafting digital badges with Badgecraft. We currently scale learning and recognition with Cities of Learning platform and network.
Nerijus is an active member of the International Youth Work Trainers Guild and NGO ‘Nectarus’.


Szept. 29. / 29 Sep
– 17:45
Being real in this highly digitalised world

We tend to separate "real" and "digital" worlds. Yet, the boundaries are blurring rapidly and perhaps we tend to build unnecessary artificial boundaries. Can digital world offer experiential learning opportunities? How can we connected two worlds in a healthy and meaningful way? Taking some inspiration from scholars, such as Paulo Freire and Marshall McLuhan and practical examples of youth work and training examples, we will delve into exploring present experiences and futures to make.